As I perused through old trailcam pictures last night, I realized that while the big bucks of my 2010 season got plenty of air time this past year, the many dink bucks I encountered or photographed didn’t get an ounce of press! So to right that wrong, I figured we ought to give these little guys some press. I mean, I always jaw about the next generation of hunters, so shouldn’t we give some love to the next generation of bucks?! I think so.

So in an effort to be both forward thinking and all inclusive, I give you my hit list for the 2013 season!

I’m calling this feller “The Joker”. He just seems to be giving me that “crazy” look that seems to indicate he could do something unexpected. And in a few more years, he may live up to his nickname and become the terror of the town. It was either that, or I’d call him “The Dramatic Chipmunk” (Watch this video and you’ll understand)

Here we have the buck I’m calling “The Salad Fork”, dubbed this way because of the dainty forks he has sprouting from his forehead. Hopefully a couple years down the road I’ll have to refer to him as “Pitch Fork”!

We’ll call him “Tiny Tim”. He seems kind, soft spoken and broken (ie his broken tine on the right side). If only I could find the “Scrooge” in this neck of the woods, I imagine that buck would be hit list material a touch sooner than this lil guy!

“Mr Brows” here has some nice potential with those long brow tines as a year and a half old. I can’t wait to see what those brow tines could look like in 3 years! I’m thinking, staying on the cautious side obviously, he should turn into a buck looking like this….

Last, we have “Blue Steel“. He offered many a trailcam picture for us, in all of the popular poses of today’s day and age, much the same as the infamous intimidator, Zoolander. “Blue Steel” really hammed it up for us. He certainly has a face for Hollywood, and/or my wall. So the real question is, in three years will he be permanently posing in the “semi-upright” or “full sneak” shoulder mount pose!

Have you got a better name for one of my up-and-comers? Lets hear it!