Happy Thursday Nation! I thought I better give you a quick heads up that I will be away from the computer for the next five days and taking a much needed break from the daily grind by spending some time in Mexico! On my to-do list is a little bit of non-hunting reading (I’m going for the spy/counter-terrorist thriller genre this week), drinking some Mexicano beer and catching a lot of sun. But no need to worry, while I’m gone we’ll still have daily posts! I’ve worked over-time the last couple days to get a few ready for the days I’m gone, so keep checking in!

Interested in Mexico now too? Well keep in mind that Mexico isn’t just good for sun and swimming anymore, it’s also become a great destination for whitetail hunting too! If you don’t believe me, follow this link to check out a great Mexico whitetail hunt on video!

See ya’ll next week!