I imagine that right about now I’m catching a few Z’s and soaking up some sun in Mexico, but before I make you too jealous and piss you off, take a look below! We’ve got some great whitetail hunting reads for you today, so check these out, have an awesome weekend and enjoy the great outdoors.

Spring Forward Your Bowhunting Career – Bowhunting.com: My pal Cody Altizer put together a great post this week describing 4 key elements of the intangible nature, that can make a big impact on your hunting success this fall. Check out his tips for making progress in these areas this spring! Definitely a good read.

Spring Projects 2011 – Bowhunting.net: Take a look at a variety of different projects that may be worth taking on this spring to improve your hunting habitat! Food plots, predator control and many more!

The Beginners Guide to Hunting Deer for Food – AlCambrone.com: An interesting post mentioning a new book coming out, aimed at teaching non-hunters the art of deer hunting to provide truly organic, free-range, self provided meat. This has got to be a first, and it’s quite intriguing. I’m going to very interested to check this book out…might be something to slip on the desk of my vegetarian cubemate!

Year Round Food Plots: The Magic Bean – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods, renowned deer biologist, describes what he believes may be the “magic” bean for year round nutrition. Be sure to check out what food plot forage he recommends!

AJ’s First Turkey: 6 Beards! – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Our buddy and W2H reader, Andy Yost, and his son were featured in a post this week on Mike Hanback’s blog! Check out Andy’s son’s 6 bearded turkey.