Given that I’m out of the office this week, basking in the UV waves of that giant glaring orb we call the sun, I thought today we’d take a walk down memory lane and check out a few of my favorite posts from 2010. Read on for a selection of past Wired To Hunt entries that are must reads this week!

Capturing Emotions: The Power of Harvest Photos – A great post from guest contributor Matt White of Heartland Bowhunter, I still look today at this as one of my favorite posts from 2010. Matt has some serious photography skills and in this article he outlines to us several keys to capturing a truly great harvest picture. We work so hard to hunt and kill mature deer, it only seems right to preserve that memory and experience in a beautiful way. Don’t leave this page toady without checking out Matt’s tips.

Four More Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make – This article recaps 6 mistakes that renowned bowhunter Don Higgins explains cannot be made if you want to hold and harvest mature bucks on small properties. I then add 4 more mistakes that can’t be made, which ends up making, in my opinion, a pretty solid list to consider. Factors considered include sanctuaries, outside pressure, timing for stands, entry/exit routes and several others. Definitely a good read to get you thinking through these potential problems for next fall!

Off Season Training For Buck Fever – One of my most popular videos in 2010 was a short clip I put together, explaining one of my favorite off season training methods. Essentially I mix target practice with a cardio workout to simulate shooting your bow in a stressed physical condition! It’s been a great practice for me and I’d definitely recommend checking out the video and adding this kind of practice to your repertoire this spring/summer.

A Reminder of Our Responsibility As Hunters – For this post I featured an email I received from a non-hunter, lamenting her past negative experiences with hunters. It’s a good email to take a look at and it should serve as a reminder for all of us that we each are responsible for upholding the good name of our sport and tradition.

July Updates and More Michigan Velvet – Another of my favorite 2010 videos, mostly just because this clip features some awesome Michigan velvet bucks. I do some complaining about living/hunting in Michigan on occasion, but those summer evenings sure do keep me excited when I see 140-150 class bucks just down the road from my house! If nothing else, fast forward this video to 1:17 and take a gander at these Michigan dandies!