I just put together a post for my Bowhunting.com blog that I’m pretty excited about, so I’m hoping you all can check it out! Over the last couple years I’ve been working on  different ways of training during the off-season and I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect workout/training regimen for bowhunters. By utilizing a technique called “circuit training”, I’ve been able to exercise all the important elements of my body for bowhunting physically, while also incorporating archery practice under conditions that simulate buck fever. Sounds perfect, right? I think so!

Check out my post, by following the link below, to get the full details on my “Bowhunter’s Circuit Training Workout” and how this might be the perfect training regimen for you this spring/summer. Let me know what you think and if you have any additional suggestions, I’d love to hear! I’m always looking to find better ways to prepare for the “moment of truth”!

The Bowhunter’s Circuit Training Workout – Mark Kenyon – Bowhunting.com