About a month ago I recieved a small package in the mail that got me pretty dang fired up, although it contained nothing but a stock DVD with a scribbled on title. This DVD was in fact the brand new release from White Knuckle Productions, The Dark Side. WKP has been putting out some really terrific hunting DVDs over the last  couple years and I’ve been a big fan. It doesn’t get much better than WKP for the hardcore, DIY whitetail hunter. So with that being the case, I was really excited to be able to get an opportunity to see an early copy of the new DVD, before it was actually released!

With the new DVD fresh in hand, I invited a few buddies over to watch the premiere, drink some beer and talk big bucks! That night we filmed a little bit of our shin-dig and interviewed everyone for their thoughts and opinions on The Dark Side! So if you’re interested in hearing about The Dark Side and seeing a few sneak peaks, check out the video below!

But before you do that, let me first share some of my initial thoughts on The Dark Side.

1. This is definitely a different kind of DVD for White Knuckle. A lot of things didn’t go as planned this year, and that is apparent throughout much of the video. But I think that makes this DVD uniquely relatable.  We’ve all missed a deer, experienced extreme frustration and felt at times like  nothing could go right. This is just a reality of hunting mature whitetails and it’s nice to see this reflected in a DVD. The White Knuckle team worked through a lot of adversity this year and although it didn’t result in as many dead bucks as usual, it did make for a great story of hard work and perseverance. A message that many of us can relate to.

2. This DVD is chock full of great hunts, stories and big bucks. This is the longest WKP DVD yet and Todd explained to me that this was the case because there was just too much great footage and story lines to cut! Also be sure to look for a few new team-members that really bring some great stuff to the table. Although fewer bucks were killed this year than past seasons, there certainly is no shortage of encounters with monsters!

3. On top of the typical Grade A whitetail content that White Knuckle Productions is known for, on The Dark Side you can also see footage of Todd Pringnitz’s world record turkey he killed this past spring! That’s something you don’t get to see every day!

WKP – The Dark Side DVD Review and Sneak Peek from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.

Since I’ve written several other reviews of WKP videos in the past, I didn’t want to recount too much of the same. But if you haven’t heard of White Knuckle, you should definitely check out my past posts to get a better idea of what these guys are all about. I guarantee that you’ll like what you see. Below I’ve included links to the past two reviews I’ve done of WKP DVDs.

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For more information or to buy a copy of The Dark Side, visit the White Knuckle Productions website. The Dark Side is available starting today, April 26!