In an effort to help more folks understand how to use land features to improve their hunting success, I want to post some very “no non-sense” articles covering several of the most talked about terrain features that can impact deer activity. Today I want to quickly cover “inside corners”.

So what is an inside corner? First off, it’s nothing fancy and it’s probably an area many of you have hunted before. As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words, so take a look at the photo below to get a more visual idea of what an inside corner means. (This photo comes from the book “Mapping Trophy Bucks” by Brad Herndon)

As you can see in the picture, an inside corner is just that, a corner of a field that juts into a piece of timber. This location works as a type of partial funnel for any deer that are trying to travel from one leg of the L timber to the other leg. Typically deer, especially mature bucks, will want to avoid crossing the field itself, but they’ll still want to take the path of least resistance. In this case the shortest path from point A to B, while staying in cover, will typically take a buck  right by that inside corner.  You can see this in the diagram above. The funneling effect of an inside corner is best when this field is facing a road or other man made structures. This human activity will usually keep most deer from wanting to cross the field in the daylight and forces them to stay inside the timber and funnel past the corner.

When hunting an inside corner you’ll typically want to hunt with the wind blowing out of the timber and into the field and you’ll want to be set up facing into the woods. This way the deer will be traveling upwind of you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wind will be blowing your scent back into that field, so if this is a field that deer are feeding in often, you’ll probably want to consider a different stand location. But if this is a fallow or picked field, the inside corner can work great to funnel deer along the field edge and right in front of you.

Any other thoughts on inside corners? Share them in the comments!