They say April showers bring May flowers. I can’t speak to that, but based on the past couple weeks I can certainly say they got the first part right! April seemed to be nothing but a constant shower. So to keep our minds off these wet, dreary days I’d recommend you check out the deer hunting gems below that I found on the web this week! Enjoy!

Controlled Burns Rejuvenate Whitetail Grasslands – Whitetail 365: Check out this video from Scott Bestul of Field & Stream as he explores the use of controlled burns to improve whitetail habitat.

Another Buck Shot In the “Dead Zone” Lives – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: More talk of the ever debated no-mans land between a deer’s spine and lungs. Can an arrow pass through this area without catching a lung? Some say it’s not possible, but many beg to differ.

QDM Troubleshooting: Avoid the Road Trip Fantasy – QDM Works: Be warned of the road trip fantasy….You head off to Iowa and see monster bucks on QDM managed properties and then assume you can see the same results in Michigan. Set more realistic expectations and you’ll be much more satisifed with your QDM plan.

Hunting Camouflage Comparison by Gray Light Productions – Sole Adventure: An interesting look at how various camouflages blend into a forest scenery.