As I write this post, my hands are sweating with the anticipation of this weekends plans. Two days of strutting toms, thunderous gobbles and flocks of turkeys approaching my decoys. Like many of you, when I can’t be chasing big whitetails, I love hitting the woods for thunder chickens. With that goal in mind, I’ll be spending the better part of this weekend in a pop-up blind filming my buddy Corey in his pursuit for a big Michigan gobbler. Along with a whole host of factors, I imagine a big part of our potential success will be due to the proper use of decoys. That’s why I thought it would be particularly timely to post my thoughts on decoys for turkeys today. So I did just that on my blog!

That being said, if you need a momentary break from whitetails and you’re interested in my two cents on turkey decoys check out my 4 super simple decoy tips for turkey hunters!

4 Super Simple Decoy Tips for Turkey Hunters – Mark Kenyon –