I’m a caffeine addict. I wake up early, work an hour on W2H, then head to the day job where I work another 8+ hours. I get home after work, take about an hour or two to eat, relax, etc and then I’m back on the computer blogging, tweeting/facebooking or reading for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I need that caffeine!

That being said, I definitely know my way around an energy drink. I’ve been drinking Red Bulls and Monsters for years and rather than coffee, they have become my go-to caffeine fix during hunting season. Given my history with these products, I was particularly excited to have an energy drink made specifically for hunters sent to me for review. And now, after guzzling down about six of these over the past week or two, I can honestly say I’m a fan.

Strut & Rut Energy Shots are not terribly different than any other energy shot or drink to the untrained eye. They contain a large amount of caffeine and various ingredients such as guarana, ginseng and ginko biloba that help with endurance, fatigue and alertness. Unlike most regular energy drinks, S&R does not cause that dreaded crash several hours after drinking. It seems Strut & Rut is similar in function to the more well known “5 Hour Energy” shots. Based on my experience with S&R so far, I can attest to the fact that the shots definitely serve this purpose well. They’ve helped me on early morning turkey hunts and on late nights working on the blog. On top of it’s basic function, I was also really surprised with how good the shots actually tasted. The Pomegranate flavor is pretty dang good in my opinion.

But probably most importantly and the main reason why I would choose Strut & Rut over other drinks in the future, is that the purchase of these products helps support wildlife organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation and in the future I would imagine many others. Strut & Rut Energy Shots were created by hunters, for hunters and I can’t help but want to support something like that. Especially when it comes with a caffeine boost!

To learn more about Strut & Rut Energy Shots check out their website here.