In recent years, filming hunts has gone from a a niche activity to a full blown national phenomenon within hunting circles. The number of hunting DVDs, television shows, online shows and aspiring YouTube stars has exploded as masses of hunters are discovering the excitement of filming hunts and aspiring towards their own 15 seconds of outdoor TV fame. But with this new emphasis on videoing hunts, there has also been a growing need for quality education into filmmaking. To fill that void, a number of video schools have popped up over recent years that are focused on training hunters on the basics of filmmaking and the unique circumstances that apply in hunting situations.

That being said, this year a new film school will be opening it’s doors with a slightly different aura around it. Possibly the most highly acclaimed hunting production in regards to production and film quality ever, the Heartland Bowhunter TV crew will be sharing it’s filming experience with one lucky group of hunters this August. And I’m excited to say I’ll be there too. Coming off a great year in which they were named Sportsman Channels Best Hunting Show, the HB TV crew is planning on sharing some of it’s secret sauce with a small group of dedicated and aspiring hunting videographers for the first time.

We’ve featured Heartland Bowhunter a lot over the past couple years and they’ve become great friends and partners of ours. And when I asked Shawn Luchtel of HB how this school was different than others he explained that the HB crew “…are filmmakers who hunt, not hunters who film.” Obviously this mentality is a big part of what separates Heartland Bowhunter from the pack and this school will aim to make filmmakers of us all.

Most everyone in the hunting industry has been impressed with the work done by HB over the last couple years and many have been running to play catchup. That’s why this opportunity is so exciting. If you want to learn how to truly become a filmmaker in the outdoor world, and learn from the absolute best, the HB Film School is a perfect fit. If you’re interested in attending the HB Film School check out more information on the official HB blog post here, and scope out the topics to be covered below.

– Shot Composition

– Story-lining

– Creativity/Originality

– Framing & Focus

– Audio

– Tree Stand Setup

– Filming every aspect of the hunt

– Intro to DSLR – Photo & Video

– Mock real life hunting situations

– Personalized Teaching/1 on 1 Instructional

– 3D Target Shoot