As we move from spring into summer, we’re planning on continuing our focus on food plots and habitat managment intiatives here on Wired To Hunt. With that goal in mind, one helpful new feature I’m excited to bring you is the food plot forage spotlight. Throughout the coming months, we’ll be posting spotlight articles providing in depth details on popular food plot forages or blends that will hopefully help you make better decisions when it comes to planting and maintaining your food plots for whitetails! Today I want to touch on two very different food plot options, a blend from Whitetail Institute called PowerPlant and an evergreen forb called Burnet.

PowerPlant: This blend of forage soybeans, peas, sorghum and sunflower seeds is aptly dubbed PowerPlant, but it could have just as well been called PowerProtein! With a protein content of about 30%, few warm season forages can produce the pure protein punch that PowerPlant does. And as most of you know, protein is crucial in antler development and for lactating does during these spring/summer months. Unique to PowerPlant is the fact that it was specifically developed to combat the problem of overbrowsing by deer. Very often, especially in the case of high deer density areas, highly attractive warm season forages are overbrowsed by deer and nearly eliminated early in the season. This specific blend was created to overcome this kind of browsing pressure and keep growing. Additionally the “structural elements”, sunflowers and sorghum, grow high and sturdy almost creating a wall of forage. The cover created by this food plot sometimes becomes a great deer bedding area as well!

Here are a few more quick hits on PowerPlant:

– Make sure not to plant PowerPlant until you know the last frost has hit

– PowerPlant includes soybeans that were specifically bred to produce high forage content, rather than high bean volume (like agricultural soybeans). This results in even more protein than what you’ll find growing in most farm fields

– A typical 1 acre PowerPlant food plot can provide 2 tons of forage per year

For more information about PowerPlant, visit the product page on the Whitetail Institute web site.

Burnet: This forage is a somewhat under the radar food plot option, but it definitely deserves some attention. Possibly the most versatile forage attactive to deer, burnet can thrive in almost every state in the USA. As mentioned earlier, Burnet is an evergreen perennial forb. I’ve read from various sources claiming that a planting of Burnet can last from 3-5 years or as long as 20! Key benefits of burnet are that it is very drought resistant and can thrive in very low PH levels. But do keep in mind that it does not handle browsing pressure well, so be sure to plant burnett with other forages that can take some pressure off it.

A few more quick hits on burnett:

– Burnet has great cold tolerance, but does not do well in high water tables or flooding conditions

– Do not plant burnet any more than 1/2 inch beneath the soil surface