Well my turkey hunting season began yesterday with an interesting surprise, but that’s a story for another day. For now I’m focusing on the positive, which is the fact that today is Friday! This week marks the beginning of May and gets us one month closer to the start of deer season!.For me, there are only 140 days left til the Ohio archery opener! With that in mind, make sure you’re beginning your fall preparations now. Food plots, cutting shooting lanes, habitat management, target practice, fitness, scouting, stand prep. All of these tasks require a lot of work, so don’t wait til the last minute! To get you on the right path, check out these blog posts below which cover a variety of tips explaining ways you can begin your whitetail work now.

Grow A Fence To Hide Your Food Plot – Whitetail 365: A good video discussing the idea of growing a tall food plot forage along the outer edges of a foodplot to block it off from nosy neighbors and to provide more cover for your deer. I like the idea!

Early Spring Bowhunting Preparations – Bowhunting.com: Bowhunting.com’s Todd Graff talks about early spring work being done to help prepare him for the whitetail season this fall! Updates from various deer shows, shed hunts and turkeys included too!

Start Your Deer Season Now – Big Buck Zone:  Three easy ways to get your whitetail prep started early from Outdoor Life’s Travis Faulkner.

Preseason Scouting An Elevator Ridge – Bowhunting.com: Interesting look at scouting a key ridge on the author’s property and what makes this feature so productive for deer.