Realtree, Cabelas, Hoyt, Ameristep, Winchester. What do these companies have in common? Well yes, they are all huge brands in the hunting industry and at the top of their respective categories. But in addition to that, they have also paid for the photography services of a certain John Hafner. John has become one of the most sought after photographers in the outdoor industry and for good reason. He is an avid outdoorsman himself and he brings incredible moments in nature to us all with his spectacular photos. To say he is good is an understatement, to say he is the best wouldn’t be far off. All that being said, I’m incredibly excited that John will be sharing some of his favorite hunting photos with the Wired To Hunt Nation over the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned for “Outdoor Photography with John Hafner” and look for some incredible photos and interesting insights from his journeys across the country chasing wild game! Today, John brings us some incredible shots from his turkey hunting adventures this spring across Texas, Alabama, Florida and Wyoming. – W2H

I’m always torn between hunting with a shotgun and a camera in the spring. Fortunately, I’ve been able to both lately with some degree of success. Here are some shots I’ve taken on recent hunts for Easterns, Rios, Osceolas and Merriam’s, including some pics I shot on my iPhone. Whether you’re shooting a high-dollar DSLR or a smart phone camera, always try to tell the whole story. Hero shots are important, but so are all the other details that make a hunt memorable. It’s definitely worth a little extra time and effort to capture a variety of shots throughout your hunt.

– John Hafner

For more information and photos from John Hafner, visit the John Hafner Photography website.