If you’ve been following Wired To Hunt for very long, you know that we’re not just a blog, but rather an online home for the whitetail freaks of the world. You the readers and everyone involved with W2H are part of what I like to call the Wired To Hunt Nation, a community of hardcore hunters that’s obsessed with talking and learning about anything related to whitetails. But if you’re just following Wired To Hunt on the blog itself, you’re missing out on a lot! With the increasing popularity of social media, we are able to share more information than ever before and connect on a one to one basis with thousands of the W2H Nation through Facebook and Twitter. Needless to say, Facebook and Twitter have become a big part of what Wired To Hunt is, so make sure to get connected! But if you’re still not convinced, let me give  four reasons why you should join the Wired To Hunt Nation on Facebook and Twitter!

1. Stay up to date on everything Wired To Hunt! On both Facebook and Twitter I post frequent updates on the W2H team’s hunting adventures, and these are updates that are never posted on the actual blog. During hunting season we even live tweet and post on Facebook from the stand. On top of personal hunting related updates, you’ll also see exclusive pictures and videos that I share only on the FB or Twitter pages.

2. Every day on Twitter I work to share some of the best news and stories from the whitetail world with our followers. Look for daily updates from the Wired To Hunt blog, news from various outdoor publications and any other great snippets of whitetail info that I can get my hands on!

3. Through Facebook and Twitter you can actively join in the conversation with other members of the Wired To Hunt Nation. Look for daily discussions and Q&As about various whitetail topics, tales and news!

4. If you join our Facebook page or Twitter between now and Friday night, you’ll be eligible to win a free WiredToHunt.com decal! This weekend I’ll pull a winner for the decal from our Facebook fans and Twitter followers, so make sure you’re in the running!

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Have any questions? Just let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you all on Twitter and FB soon!