We posted last week about a pretty big story that Deer & Deer Hunting magazine broke, bringing to light the possible cover up of a potential new world record whitetail, the Johnny King Buck, by the Boone & Crockett Club. Since then rumors, opinions and stories have run rampant as the debate raged on whether or not the buck should be panel scored to verify the status of a questionable G3 tine. If this G3 is confirmed as an abnormal point, the buck is scored at around 180, but if the status were to change, the buck would all of a sudden have a score of well over 210″ typical.  D&DH’s report insinuated that the buck was never given a proper chance to be scored by a panel of verified scorers and that various forces have worked to keep it from happening.

Now, just under a week later, the Boone & Crockett club has responded with a statement from Deputy Vice President Richard Hale refuting the information shared by Deer & Deer Hunting.

Hale explains that “we are concerned with the misinformation being presented in the article. After speaking with Jack Reneau, I found that he was misinterpreted regarding a possible rule change. What has been printed does not reflect what he was trying to convey. He said with the high and increasing volume of whitetail deer entries, we are seeing abnormalities that are not addressed in the scoring manual. These can present challenges to the Official Measurers. The right G3 on the King buck presents just such an abnormality….”

Hale goes on to say, “the King buck, while an exceptional specimen, was determined to have an abnormal right G3. This was confirmed, independently, by four highly experienced Boone and Crockett Club Official Measurers.”

Putting a final stamp on the matter,  the deputy vice president explains that “the purchaser/promoter of the rack has repeatedly requested that a panel re-score the deer. The criteria for panel scoring are 1) to confirm a new top-ten trophy entry or 2) to confirm a new World’s Record entry. Neither being the case, no panel will be convened. The original entry score of 180 points is accurate.”

To read the full response from B&C, follow the link below.

King Buck Response

To this, Deer & Deer Hunting responded by saying that “In its official statement, B&C hinted that Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Duncan Dobie provided misinformation in his article. D&DH stands by Dobie’s reporting and attributions. Dobie, who is the former editor of North American Whitetail Magazine and has more than 25 years of professional journalism experience, has followed the King Buck story for more than two years.

So there it is. The Boone & Crockett Club will not allow the Johnny King Buck to be panel scored and with that goes it’s chances of becoming the new world record typical whitetail. So what are your thoughts?  Closure on an over-hyped case of antler hysteria or an outrageous act by the B&C?

Secondly, I’m also curious about Hale’s repeated mention of the rack’s “purchaser/promoter”. From my point of view, by referencing this person or organization as the “purchaser/promoter” it seemed that he was trying to insinuate that someone had purchased the King rack and was now trying to rile up attention and get it re-scored, to increase the value of his purchase…Did anyone else interpret this the way I did?