Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be hitting the road heading south to Branson, Missouri and the QDMA Deer Steward Course! Despite the daunting car drive ahead of me, I can’t help but be excited for the upcoming three days. With an agenda packed with information about whitetail biology, habitat improvement, herd management and much more, I know I’ll come away from the course with a wealth of new knowledge. So why does this matter to you? Because I’ll be sharing everything I learn with you, the Wired To Hunt Nation!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Wired To Hunt FB page and Twitter account over the weekend, as I’ll be posting updates, quick lessons learned and other interesting tidbits throughout the course! Hopefully I’ll be able to give you all an inside look at what the QDMA Deer Steward course is all about and share some new whitetail and QDM knowledge along the way. With instructors including Kip Adams, Grant Woods, Joe Hamilton and Karl Miller there is sure to be some great insight shared, so be sure to stay up to date.

Until then, if you’re interested in learning more about the QDMA Deer Steward Certification Courses, check out full details on the QDMA website.

Lastly, as an added bonus I thought I’d share two interesting whitetail facts that I found in the QDMA’s 2011 Whitetail Report. I’m betting most of you didn’t know that…

1. During their life, most bucks sire fewer than five fawns that reach 6 months of age.

2. Deer can sleep with their eyes open or closed and with their head up or in a resting position!

If you did know these two nuggets of whitetail info already, feel free to chastise me in the comments!