The 7 AM wakeup call came a lot sooner than I wanted, but I reluctantly shook off the fatigue of only 4 hours of sleep, jumped in the shower and chugged an energy drink. Good thing I did, because day one of the QDMA Deer Steward Course was probably the single most informative deer hunting related event I have been apart of in my life. I’ve been to more deer hunting shows and seminars than I can shake a stick at, but they all paled in comparison to the amount the unique knowledge that was shared yesterday by the QDMA’s presenters. It’s been an incredible learning experience and to make it even better, this event also serves as somewhat of a deer hunter’s alcoholics anonymous. We spent some time late last night going around the room discussing “our sickness” and everyone felt right at home with so many very like minded and addicted people! To put it simply, the Steward Course has been amazing.

Over the course of the first day we discussed topics such as the history of the QDMA, whitetail senses, biology, diseases, anterlered and anterless buck management strategies and much more. Each topic was led by one of the excellent presenters the QDMA lined up and it was a real treat getting to hear from, in person, folks that I’ve read about for years. I don’t think there’s a more data and research backed conservation organization around, and the folks at the QDMA do an amazing job of sharing that information with us, the membership, to help us become better hunters and managers. I know the group of us here will certainly leave this course tomorrow with a wealth of information, a renewed vigor for management and the tools neccessary to improve our herd, habitat and hunters upon arrival back at home!

On the docket for today we have Joe Hamilton, Matt Ross, Kip Adams, Dr. Craig Harper, Brad Moorman and Dr. Grant Woods! It should be a great day, so stay tuned to the facebook page and we’ll try to post some updates and fun facts throughout the day!