I just ran across something pretty cool tonight that I just had to share with you all. Many of us, no matter what state we live in, have wanted to give the DNR a piece of our minds or at least understand why they do what they do. Unfortunately, most of us rarely get that opportunity. That’s why  I was so excited to see that Mark and Terry Drury were able to organize just such an event, as to give us hunters some insight into a state’s DNR and whitetail management policies. Specifically, Iowa’s! The Drury’s put together a roundtable of various DNR representatives and Iowa landowners or hunters to discuss issues relating to whitetails in the Hawkeye State. Lucky for us, they recorded the whole thing and it ended up being an incredibly interesting conversation that lasted well over an hour. The entire roundtable is now available for anyone to watch on YouTube in an 8 part series, and for any avid deer hunter out there, it’s well worth watching. Such topics as why Iowa grows big bucks, why the seasons are set as they are, goals for the whitetail management plan and the possibility of increasing non-resident tags are covered. I’d highly recommend checking out this video series, so to make things easy we’ve included the first part below. To watch the rest of the roundtable, follow the link at the very bottom.

Drury Outdoors/Iowa DNR Roundtable Part 2