I’ve watched a lot of hunting DVD’s over the years and I’ve written about quite a few of them here on Wired To Hunt. Some are just fun to watch for the big racks, others paint a beautiful story of the hunt and others teach great whitetail hunting tips along the way. But few can do all three, and that is where Drury Outdoors stands above the competition. I’ve watched many of the Drury Outdoors DVDs in the past and they’ve always been some of my favorites, but this year they took it to a new level. With the recent release of Whitetail Madness 14, Dream Season 14 and 100% Wild Fair Chase 11 the Drurys have taken it up a notch in production, education and story telling. Making this year’s DVDs possibly the best ever to come from Drury Outdoors, and most likely some of the best the industry has seen as a whole.  Here are the top three reasons, in my opinion, that these DVD’s deserve such high acclaim.

Production: The Drurys have always put together high quality footage for their videos, but they’ve definitely taken it up a notch this year. There were a good number of scenes in theses DVDs that just took your breath away and really transported you into the hunts. When that happens, I know I’m watching some great footage. Interesting angles, great shots of nature and unique perspectives bring the Drury DVDs to life in grand fashion and it makes these vids really engaging. On top of just the plain beauty of much of the film, the editors of the new DVDs have started doing some really cool things. This may be a love/hate thing, but  I have enjoyed some of the new editing tricks that were employed on this years releases. Take home message here is that these DVDs are some of the absolute most professional, beautifully done and engaging DVDs available. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy watching.

Education: One area that I believe the Drurys have been consistently ahead of the pack in, is their focus on education in their shows and DVDs. This trend definitely continues in 2011 and to an even greater extent. In my opinion, no other DVD series shares as much high quality information in this kind of format. While of course these videos are super enjoyable, you’ll also be clued into many different strategies, tactics and tips. Which ends up making these DVDs the ones I like sharing with new hunters the most. I know the new hunter will see some awesome hunts that are fun to watch, but they’ll also pick up a lot of tools of the trade along the way. Now, on the other hand, some folks complain that they can’t relate to the Drurys because they hunt on big managed farms in Iowa and other big buck states that are unrealistic for 99% of hunters out there. And yes, there is some truth to this. But the Drurys haven’t always had the luxury of such incredible resources and property, they without question worked very hard to get it and did things the right way. What I like about their DVDs now is that they help explain to folks like me, who don’t have a big farm, how they went about setting it up and managing for these great deer. Additionally, they include a whole slew of other team members on the DVDs that hunt in all different types of settings and situations. You’ve got hunts from Kentucky to Wyoming to Iowa to Ohio. Big farms, small tracts, private land on permission and maybe even public. There truly is something for everyone to relate to.

Storyline: As much as all the aforementioned topics made the 2011 DVDs great, I think the number one improvement this year was in the storyline. Over the years the Drury’s have always told a pretty good story of their season and explained things along the way. But two things stuck out this year that took them to a new level.

First, the Drury’s included many of their “Inner Circle” online segments in the DVDs this year! For those that don’t know, the Drurys and the whole team essentially kept an online video journal called “The Inner Circle”, in which they shared videos almost every day of them talking about hunting strategies, BS’ing in deer camp, hanging with friends and everything in between. This type of footage isn’t what you normally see on a hunting DVD, but by including the “Inner Circle” segements, I think it made the stories told that much more vibrant and relatable. Definitely one of my favorite additions to the 2011 DVDs.

Secondly, the Drurys told one particularly incredible story on their 100% Wild Fair Chase DVD this year, that by itself made it my favorite of the three 2011 releases. Few, if any, DVD has documented and told such a fascinating tale as the Drurys did this year with their chronicle of two bucks named Goliath and Baby G. I don’t want to ruin this story for you, so you’ll need to check it out for yourself. But we’re talking about years of encounters, film, trail camera pictures and sheds of two over 200″ bucks. Both bucks ended up being record setters in their own way. Truly an incredible storyline with lots of ups and downs, and the Drurys probably gave it at least 30 minutes on this DVD. Like I said, this by itself made the 100% Wild Fair Chase DVD my favorite of the three and I know many other folks will feel the same way. It’s a must see. And oh by the way, the story has a pretty good ending!

All in all, the Drurys did another great job this year with their 2011 releases. Whitetail Madness 14, Dream Season 14 and 100% Wild Fair Chase 11 are definitely on my short list of best hunting DVD’s for 2011. You can’t go wrong with any one of these, and in fact the only mistake you could make would be not to get all three!

To pick up copies for yourself, visit DruryOutdoors.com.