As most of us know, hunter recruitment is one of the major challenges facing our sport now and in the coming years. Last week while attending the Quality Deer Management Association Deer Steward Course the QDMA CEO, Brian Murphy, took a moment to speak with me about the importance of working to bring more young folks into the hunting fold. See the video below for his message to the Wired To Hunt Nation and hunters in general about getting more young hunters involved.

QDMA CEO Brian Murphy on Bringing New Hunters Into the Fold from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.

Like Brian said there are many ways to get involved, and our support and effort is greatly needed. The easiest option is to just take your own child in the woods and teach them as they grow, but if you don’t have a child of your own or you’re looking to do more, here are two great ways to help get new hunters involved with our great tradition.

QDMA Mentored Hunting Program: “The mentored hunting program is an innovative hunter education and recruitment program designed to increase the number of youth and first-time hunters by matching mentors with interested students. It teaches students (youths and adults) the importance of hunting and provides them with a greater understanding of the role of hunting in sustainable wildlife management. It also builds the foundation for these hunters to become better stewards of our natural resources and better ambassadors for hunting.”

Families Afield: “Families Afield is an education and outreach program to help states create hunting opportunities for youth, so that more families may enjoy America’s greatest outdoor tradition together.”

Know of any other good programs for getting new hunters involved? Let us know in the comments!