Summer has finally arrived, which means two things. Long days of sunshine and and the final stretch of my countdown to deer season. 112 days are left til my archery opener and my to-do list before then is getting pretty long! That being said, the coming months will see me hard at work scouting new properties, hanging stands, expanding my bow range and prepping my gear for game time. If thinking about this kind of stuff isn’t getting you excited right now, you’ve got to check your pulse. It’s an exciting time of year! So if I could recommend anything to you right now, it’d be to get pumped up for deer season and start working hard! Deer hunting success is the result of some combination of knowledge, hard work and luck. It’s always a good idea to plan on needing as little luck as possible. To help get you started with a summer of preparation, check out the great blog posts below from across the web. We’ve got articles covering habitat management, bow practice and everything in between.

Creating Hidey Holes – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods shares his thoughts on creating small hidden plots for fall hunting. A tactic I like to use, and one Grant has a good strategy for!

Creating Paths of Least Resistance – Non-Typical Hunter: One hunter I’ve always been particularly impressed with, Marc Anthony, explains his strategies for keeping mature bucks on his property and getting them to travel where he wants.

Sizing Up Whitetail Rut Predictions for the South – Daniel Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Dan Schmidt of Deer & Deer Hunting shares some of his and Charles Alsheimer’s thoughts on the best way to interpret rut predictions in the south.

What Makes a Forgiving Bow? – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Great video segment from Bill Winke as he describes the traits of a forgiving bow, and how some common rules might be changing.

Naming Your Bucks – Dan Shafer shares with us some of his favorite named bucks, and explains why having names has helped him as a hunter and made the experience more enjoyable!