The dog days of summer are upon us and that means two things in my world. Velvet bucks and lots of hard work! We’ve been busy at it all spring, but things are only going to crank up from here as we roll into the last few months before the season! All that being said, I thought it might be worth recapping a few of the projects we’ve been working on over the past couple months and then lay out some of our plans for the summer!

As many of you saw, I was hard at it shed hunting from February through the end of March. But despite the many hours put in, I only had a handful of sheds to show for it. That being said, I got a welcome surprise up at my Northern Michigan cabin a couple weeks ago when I came upon the shed pictured above. This is the first shed I’ve ever found up there, and it’s especially surprising given the low number of bucks we see up there. Interestingly we found the shed less than 30 yards from the cabin! It made sense though, because right next to the cabin is a thick stand of pines. Perfect winter bedding cover. If any one tip helped me the most shed hunting this spring, it was to focus on evergreens.

Speaking of my Northern Michigan cabin, while up there I began one of several habitat management projects I had planned for the spring/summer. With a low amount of quality nutrition available on this property, my number one goal for this year is to begin improving the available food sources. My first plan was to put in several small food plots in some fallow fields on our property. So after getting a soil test, I began the next step towards the end of May by spraying the native vegetation (mostly ferns) with Round-up. Unfortunately, after putting in a long day of spraying, I found out that due to some unfortunate circumstances I won’t be able to put any substantial food plots on our property. None the less, I’m still planning on doing whatever I can to improve the nutrition and habitat available. That being said, another project in the works is to plant some crab apple trees! More on that soon.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I don’t own any property myself, my opportunities to plant spring food plots were limited. But I’ve got big plans for some great fall hunting food plots that I’ll be putting in on some new properties! I’ll definitely be busy come August.

Also on my to-do list this spring/early summer was putting up trailcams! Watching bucks put on their antlers throughout the summer is without a doubt one of my favorite parts of the year, and just putting the cameras out got me pumped! Unfortunately after making my first memory card pull a couple weeks ago, I had one camera take no pictures and another  with hardly any! Needless to say, I was disappointed. Hopefully my luck has changed, and when I pull my cards again next week I’ll be greeted with a big ole buck! In the mean time I’m working on accumulating a few more cameras and putting them out across a variety of new properties I’m hunting this year, including our spot in Ohio! Can’t wait to get down there with some new cams and some BB2!

The 107 days that I have left until my season opens cannot go by fast enough, but as you all know, with every season comes new projects and it truly is this year long journey that makes the life of a whitetail freak so fulfilling. As I mentioned earlier, it’s going to be a very busy summer, and I imagine the next couple months will fly by! So keep an eye out for lots of great velvet buck video footage, trailcam pics, updates on our food plots and an inside look at how we breakdown and scout some new properties we’re acquiring this summer!