Happy Friday Nation! It’s been a busy week for me, working with my new pup and all, so I haven’t been able to get much done in the way of whitetail work outside. Hopefully you guys have been a little more productive than I! That being said,  this weekend I will be working on my filming chops at the White Knuckle Productions Video School! For those of you not working hard on your properties or are just stuck inside for one reason or another, I’ve got just the ticket to pass the time. Take a gander at the blog posts below from some awesome hunting blogs across the web! Got some good ones today!

Are Whitetails Headed for Alaska – Big Buck Zone: Mark Kayser of Outdoor Life  regales his experience seeing whitetails nearly all the way through Alberta, almost to the Northwest Territories border. Could whitetails actually make it all the way to Alaska?

Interview with Eric Hale, Legends of the Fall – The Will To Hunt: A great interview by my buddy Will, with Eric Hale  of Legends of the Fall TV (check out our Video of the Day to get a sneak peak at Season 2 of LoF)

Interview with Ryan Shoemaker of BowHuntquest.com – Sole Adventure: Here’s a great chance to win some free hunting gear! Check out this interesting interview with a fellow hunter/blogger, and get a chance to win a Badlands pack, a Wilderness Athlete “Extreme Pack”, a Trophy Taker Sight and T-lock broadheads!

The Number Two Reason You’ll Be Busted – Marc Anthony Outdoors: A good read from one of the best whitetail hunters around, Marc Anthony, as he discusses scent and how it is KEY when it comes to mature whitetails.

B&C Changes It’s Argument on the King Buck – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Deer & Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt fills us in on the latest in the Johnny King Buck debacle. B&C has a new official response and explanation, some folks don’t find it too persuasive.

A Passion for The Score – Boone And Crocket: Speaking of the B&C Club, here is their latest response/explanation.