Good morning Nation!  I must say, I’ve got fawns on the brain today! Last night, while taking a drive around the neighboring farms with my camera I spotted four different fawns on their feet and upon checking a trailcam, I had a handful of pictures with fawns as well! It’s that time of year that fawns are testing their new legs, and just like many of you, I truly enjoy watching them grow up. Scientists claim that “healthy fawns can outrun a man when only a few days old but it generally takes three to six weeks before they can elude most predators.” Most fawns are hitting this critical age where they can begin avoiding predators, and based on what I saw last night, it looks like these guys are just about there! To see these beautiful little lil deer, check out my video clips from last night below!


Fawns On Their Feet from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.