We all know that wind direction is key when deer hunting. That being said,  many folks try to get the wind in their favor, and then leave it at that. But as I’ve gotten more and more obsessed with chasing mature bucks specifically, I’ve found that this just doesn’t cut it. Mature bucks are a different breed and when they travel, it’s most always with the wind in their favor, blowing into their face. Knowing that, how can you still set up on a buck traveling with the wind in his face, but also in your favor?

Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions shared with us his answer this past weekend and luckily we had the video camera to capture it. I honestly believe that playing the wind in this fashion is one of the single most important strategies to understand when taking the plunge into chasing mature whitetails. Be sure to check out Todd’s tips and if you leverage this strategy this fall, I can promise you’ll begin seeing results. Here at Wired To Hunt we are all about trying to help you become better deer hunters, and the strategies discussed in this video will do just that. Don’t miss this.

Do you have any more tips or insights into hunting bucks with the wind in their favor? Please share it with us in the comments! Have questions about this strategy? Leave those in the comments too and Todd, me or another member of the Nation will help you out!

Hunting Mature Bucks, With the Wind In Their Favor – Todd Pringnitz from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo.
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