This week marked the beginning of my nightly drives through the country, camera and binoculars in hand, in search of velvet bucks! And man, I just love this time of year! Now that being said, my success has been limited so far haha. Not a single velvet buck after driving around two evenings. But, I did get some cool footage of those fawns I posted earlier, so all is not lost! But I digress. To hold you over this weekend while you’re not watching velvet bucks, we’ve got five great hunting blog reads from across the web. Scope em out below and have a great weekend!

Mark Kenyon Interview – Founder of – Outdoor Freaks: Although you’ve probably heard more from me than you ever wanted, if you’re interested in a slightly different side of me check out a recent interview with me on the Outdoor Freaks blog. I had to answer questions about my first kiss, my future plans for W2H and my beverage of choice!

Mid-June Marks the Halfway Point for Whitetail Antler Growth – Big Buck Zone: It’s the middle of June and we all know those bucks are starting to pack on bone. Here’s a few reminders of things we need to be doing this time of year!

Effect of Delayed Crops on Deer Growth – Growing Deer TV: Dr. Grant Woods explains the possible effects we could see on our deer herd as a result of the late crops and super wet spring.

This Is One Guy I’ll Be Going After – Non-Typical Hunter: Marc Anthony has some jumbo bucks he’s chasing in Illinois and he shows off some great trailcam pics of two of them in this post. Great buck porn.

Michigan Lifts Three Year Bait Ban – The Rub Line: Here’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, and maybe thats why I haven’t actually written a full post on it yet. I guess I just don’t feel like getting into it. But essentially, as the title says, baiting is back in Michigan. I’m personally not a fan of baiting and hunting over it, but MANY people in my state are. With a million hunters in Michigan, and a large number of them baiting, it can have a big impact on deer behavior and the number of yearlings killed each year. But, I’m beginning to ramble. Check out this article on Deer & Deer Hunting and let them know what you think!