I’m finally home after spending 4 days in San Francisco, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Michigan, driving down dirt roads and watching deer in the fields! San Fran is not too conducive to my kind of life style! haha. That being said,  it’s been an especially rough day or so, as I’ve spent 21 hours straight in an airplane or airport between yesterday and this morning. So with that being said, we’ll keep today’s Friday Morning Mashup a little abbreviated! But while I recuperate this weekend, be sure to check out the great blog posts we’ve mentioned below from across the whitetail web!

How To Aim Your Bow Better – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Great tips from Bill Winke on how to improve your aim, which is obviously a crucial topic to consider in the months leading up to the season!

Locating Deer Blinds – Growing Deer TV: Dr. Grant Woods shares some of his thoughts on selecting sites for placing hunting blinds, another super relevant topic for this month. Make sure you’re getting your stands and blinds out soon!

Get A Sneak Preview of Mast Crops Now-QDMA Works: Lindsay Thomas Jr of the QDMA and Quality Whitetails Magazine walks us through some thoughts on predicting this fall’s mast crop by looking at sign today. Great to know this when planning your hunting setups for the fall.

When Scrapes Work – Bill Winke’s Midwest Whitetail Blog: Another great article from Bill Winke, this one on his own blog, as he describes when hunting scrapes can actually be successful!