It’s back! Our good buddies over at Heartland Bowhunter are set to premiere their fourth season tonight at 8:30 EST on The Sportsman Channel and I’ve got to say that folks are in for a treat. I’ve been fortunate to get a sneak peak at the first couple episodes of the season and the guys have done it again and even stepped it up a notch. If you were following W2H last fall, you saw the HB team pop up often with big bucks hitting the ground and all those kills are going to make for one hell of a season.

All that being said, the first episode definitely gets things kicked off on a great foot. As has become tradition, the HB crew headed to North Dakota to hunt with their buddy Nate Flynn at the Central Dakota Lodge. A couple years back both Jeff and Mike killed monsters and in 2009 Skyler dropped a dandy after a spot and stalk. That being said, expectations were certainly high coming into 2010 for the Dakota trip. This year a big group traveled to the lodge and from what I can tell it looks like Mike, Shawn and Skyler came along with Shawn and Skyler’s dads joining the party too!

As is typical to Heartland Bowhunter style, they do a great job of telling the story of the whole trip and pull us into everything from archery practice, to surprise In-N-Out Burger deliveries and everything in between. I’ve always thought that these Dakota trips made for great looking film, given the wide open expanses and bright blue skies. This episode showcases a lot of gorgeous scenery! Makes we want to pack up and head up there for the early September Opener!

Without giving too much away, I can say that it was a pretty darn successful trip and you’re going to see not one, but actually two bucks hit the ground! So be prepared for lots of great deer footage, beautiful scenery and plenty of other neat things. Speaking of camera work, I think the team has taken their production and film quality a little bit higher than years past. They just keep raising the bar and bringing us surpising new views of the world around us. On top of that I’m loving the music so far this year too. I’ve always enjoyed the sounds they’ve brought to us, but they’ve got some cool new stuff this year that’s got me tapping my foot and humming long after the episode is done.

Another change we saw last year was more involvement from guys like Mike, Shawn and the rest of the team in the interviews and story telling aspect of the show. I think they had a great start with that last year, but you can definitely tell that the team is more comfortable in front of the camera and talking this year. It’s a well seasoned team and they know how to make great video, tell an engaging story and show it to us in a beautiful way.

Heartland Bowhunter has done it again and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out. If you’ve got The Sportsman Channel, I’d highly recommend you check out the premiere tonight at 8:30 EST. And if you don’t have Sportsman, head back here next week because we’ll be posting the first episode to watch here on Wired To Hunt! I know you’ll definitely enjoy it and it’d be great to help support these fellow members of the Wired To Hunt Nation!

For more info, visit the Heartland Bowhunter website.