My lovely girlfriend Kylie recently cooked up an INCREDIBLE venison meal and  was kind enough to share her recipe with the Wired To Hunt Nation! Be sure to give this one a try, it’s delicious!

I recently came across a “Lean Beef Flavor Booster” advertisement booklet in my Food Network Magazine.  After reading through about 30 different rubs, marinades and drizzles I decided to test out some of the recipes with venison.  The first recipe I chose was a really simple chili cilantro marinade.  I personally think that it was the best venison steak I have ever made…but I’ll let Mark give you his review since that’s his job 😉

Chili Cilantro Marinade Recipe

2/3 C Italian dressing

2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped cilantro

1 Tbsp. chili powder

  • Place all ingredients in a food safe plastic bag with venison steak and refrigerate 6-24 hours
  • Remove venison from marinade and pat dry with paper towel
  • Add 2-3 Tbsp. bacon fat* to frying pan and set to high heat
  • Place venison in hot frying pan, cooking time varies depending on thickness. (Tip: Wait for the blood to rise to the top of the steak, then flip it and wait for the same to happen to the other side.)

*When cooking venison steaks I always try to incorporate bacon into the meal.  That way I can reserve the bacon drippings to cook the venison in.  Bacon fat has the ability to get much hotter than vegetable oil, which means it won’t dry up as quick. Plus everything is better with bacon.  For this meal I added crumbled bacon to creamed corn.