W2H team-member Peter Lynch has been the king of the trailcam pictures for us this year so far, and he’s kept the hot streak going with a couple of giants on camera last week. The top picture is of a buck Pete dubbed “Hubba Bubba”, primarily because that’s what he said when he first saw the buck! If I used the same tactic to name this buck myself, his name would have probably been “Holy S##t!” Haha, this is definitely a great buck, and I can’t wait to see how he finishes out in August. Below is another Iowa Giant on Pete’s ground, but he’s nameless as of now. Any ideas are welcome!

If these pics don’t get you pumped for the fall, I don’t know what will! Just a few more months…If you’ve got any great trailcam pics, post them up on the Wired To Hunt Facebook page! A number of readers have already been posting some good ones over the past couple days, definitely check them out!