It started last night around 8:30 PM. I took the dogs out to take a leak and without really thinking, I sauntered over towards the barns. To set the scene, I rent an old farm house on a 100+ acre farm currently planted in soybeans. Upon coming around the corner of one of the barns, I noticed a young buck out near the back corner of our field. I ended up grabbing my camera and filming him for a few, but soon tired and headed back to the house. Just as I turned, I noticed a red shape on the very back edge of the field. It was a buck. A big one. 30 minutes later, I triumphantly returned to my house with velvet footage of the biggest buck I have seen on my home property yet! He looked to be a nice 140ish 10 point. Unfortunately, I was filming from a long ways off, so the footage is pretty poor (see the pic above). Nevertheless, I was excited.

Fast forward to tonight (Thursday, 7/21). It was 100 degrees out, muggy and downright miserable out. But the wind was the same as last night, and I got an inkling that I just might be able to catch that buck coming out again at last light. Being the whitetail freak I am, I couldn’t help but want to give it a try. So around 8:30 I put on my camo, grabbed my camera and binocs and headed out the door. Now right when I come around the barn, I spot a big red splotch on the back edge, and by darn a big deer is already out! This makes things a little more difficult, as my goal was to sneak in close to the spot the buck came out at that night before. But with a deer out there already, I had to change my plans.

Long story short, I came in from the west with a timber choked point in between me and the part of the field the buck was in. I then crouched and edged along some tall grass for about 50 yards and then finally crawled on all fours for about a 100 yards to finally get into the position I wanted to be. I spotted the buck, but just as I got my camera up and running, he stepped into the woods and out of my life. I sat for about 20 minutes feeling pretty disappointed. But luck was with me, and just before last camera light he stepped out again and I was finally able to get some decent footage!

Now, on top of the excitement of having a good encounter with this buck and getting it on film, I also had another surprise when I watched the footage again. Turns out he’s not a 10! Nope, this sucker is actually a 12 pointer, because of his split brows! Yes, it’s true. Split brows. We don’t get a whole lot of big bucks like this in Michigan, let alone one with character like split brows. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for the Backyard 12. So after a 100 yards of crawling and some dirty knees, it was mission accomplished and a heck of a night!

Here are a few screenshots of the video I shot tonight!