It’s hot! But don’t let it bring you down. Plenty can be done inside to preapre for the fast approaching hunting season while still staying cool. Check over your equipment to make sure it’s in good shape, look at maps, think through approach strategies or do some reading! Speaking of reading, here are a few great hunting blog posts from across the web that should keep you busy!

Where Are All Those Deer – The Ethical Hunter/D&DH: Jacon Edson takes a look at the possible reasons why some folks claim they see no deer in their area, while others nearby might see tons!

Whitetail Tips: Take Advantage of Unconventional Blinds – Big Buck Zone: In this post the idea of using unconventional objects as blinds is discussed. Whether it’s using an old tractor, a hay bale, or a horse trailer. If you’ve got some object thats been out on your property for a long time, deer are probably used to it and you might possibly be able to use it to conceal yourself!

Daytime Stands for Nighttime Bucks – Big Buck Zone: It’s one of the biggest challenges as a deer hunter. How do you catch a mature buck, on his feet during the day? It’s certainly not easy, but this article discusses a few ambush locations where your chances are highest.

Would You Bid $10,224 For An Iowa Deer Tag on EBay? – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: The Iowa DNR has released a select number of non-resident deer tags to be bid on through ebay. The prices of upwards of $-$10K! Would you drop that kind of cash for a chance to chase an Iowa giant?

Oh Boy! Some Dandys for 2011! – Marc Anthony Outdoors: Check out these velvet giants that Marc has got on camera so far this summer!