As we discussed a week or two ago, surveying your local deer herd is incredibly important in any sort of managemnt plan for whitetails. And one of the mentioned techniques for surveying your herd was using observation data. Check out this quick video from wildlife biologist Brad Mormann of Growing Deer TV, as he discusses the value of using observation data as a deer hunter and manager.

Using Observation Data To Aid In Whitetail Management – Brad Moorman from Mark Kenyon on Vimeo

If you’re interested in digging deeper into how you can use observation data in your mangaement plan, I’ve got two great resources for you to check out. First, we’ve got a great article from the Quality Deer Management Association, in which the details regarding how and when data should be collected, as well as insight into how to perform your analysis. is shared. This is a must see if you’re planning on using this technique come hunting season.

Deer Data Collection Part II: Observation Data – QDMA

Second is a quick blurb from Dr. Grant Woods of Growing Deer TV, in which he share a few pointers for efficiently collecting and using observation data.

Collecting Observation Data

If you missed our intro to survey techniques a few weeks back, check out that article here. Also be sure to check back in soon for more details on another important technique, trail camera surveys.