July is coming to a close and I’m all of a sudden shocked that August is here already. I typically like to have most my prep done in August, so that I can stay out of my hunting ground for a month before the Oct 1 opener, but man am I behind on schedule! That being said, it looks like I’m going to have one busy month ahead of me. So if you’re in the same position as I, make sure you start knocking out some of your to-do list AND it also wouldn’t hurt to read up on some quality whitetail info. Below, you’ll find just that in this selection of great hunting blog posts from across the web. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Whitetail Management Tips: How To Keep Trespassers Out – Big Buck Zone: If you own property, one of the worst issues to deal with can be trespassers, especially if you’re trying to build a whitetail hot spot. Here are a few helpful tips to manage this problem.

Buckscore Review: Scoring Your Trophy Buck From Home – Bowhunting.com: I’ve mentioned it on W2H before, but Buckscore is one very cool tool. It allows you to score a buck, just from trailcam pics and it gets a pretty dang good estimated score for ya. Check out the full review for more details.

You Can’t Manage Deer By The Mouthful – QDM Works: Another great article from Lindsay Thomas Jr, as he shares some great insight into some of the greater challenges of quality deer management. In this piece he concludes that nothing can substitute for letting young bucks grow when you’re trying to implement a QDM plan.

Do You Cheat Low? – Whitetail 365: When it comes to aiming at a deer, do you typically aim a little low? Read on for why this might be  a good idea.

Who’s #1 When It Comes to Deer Hunting – Dan Schmidt’s Deer Wisdom: Check out some interesting results from D&DH’s annual stats for the Deer Hunting Almanac. You’ll find out what state has the most hunters, most deer killed and largest harvest with a bow.