A guest post from D.F. Worth.

I am supposed to be working right now but the only thing I keep thinking about is what tree stand I should sit in come October 1st. By now I have looked through my trail camera pictures so many times that I can probably identify all my bucks just by looking at their body. I have reviewed aerial photos and maps of all my hunting properties and already know what pinch point I will be hunting in depending on wind direction. I have already scouted all of my hunting properties and know where the bedding areas are in relationship to food sources and travel routes.

I am obsessed with an animal that every summer grows a new set of antlers and every winter loses his current rack.  I will trim out tree stands in 100 degree heat and sit in those same stands in high winds, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures…  and even if I don’t see a single deer I am completely happy. I am consumed with the life cycle of a mammal. The funny thing is there are guys and gals out there that have the “fever” way worse than me… and that’s a scary thought.

I shoot my bow so many times before the season even starts that I could probably use a new string. Fine tuning my sight and rest so when the time comes, I am ready.

And when it’s all said and done and their antlers fall off, I will go looking for them, walking miles and miles through some of the thickest vegetation Mother Nature has to offer. If you have ever left the timber looking like you lost a fight with a thorn bush you know exactly what I‘m talking about.

By the way if your girlfriend or wife ever asks “When will you be home?” “When I find the matching side.” Is NOT the right answer.

I have friends and family members who don’t understand why I spend so much time and energy on these animals. Honestly, I have no other hobbies… well except Iowa Hawkeye Football, and even that takes a back seat when October 1st shows up. Even I can’t explain why I love whitetails so much; I guess it’s just in my blood.

When it comes to deer hunting there are no shortcuts and nothing replaces hard work (unless you hunt high fence).  Remember to learn from your mistakes, if you fail… come up with a new game plan and try again. That is how we evolve as hunters.

So if I don’t answer my phone in October and November leave a message and I will call you back during shotgun season in December. I’ll be stopping by here on Wired To Hunt from time to time to shed some light from the lighter side of hunting, because if you’re not having fun while hunting you’re missing the point.

Stay Wired!

– D.F. Worth