We’ve had a nice cold front move through  my part of the country and it’s got me fired up. That chill in the air early in the morning has got me itching for the season more than ever. That being said, I’ve been busy checking trail cameras, putting out my BB2, scouting/filming fields and shooting my bow. Next on my to-do list is to plant a couple fall food plots! Just last night I collected a couple soil samples and this weekend or next week I’ll be spraying a someareas. Hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll have a couple good plots started.

I’m betting you’re all about just as busy as me getting ready for the season, but if you get a second, I’d definitely recommend you check out the blog posts linked below. I found some great articles from across the web that are sure to provide you some interesting whitetail insights! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Whitetail Tips: Maximize Your Trail Cam Scouting Strategy – Big Buck Zone: Some helpful tips for using your trail cams to develop a strong hunting strategy.

Timing the Buck Growl – Deer & Deer Hunting: Interesting thoughts on when/how to use a “buck growl” type call. I’ll definitely be rocking one of these this fall.

Soybeans and Big Bucks – Mike Hanbacks Big Deer Blog: Interesting map and insights from Grant Woods in regards to the correlation between soybean harvest and big bucks.

Patterning Bucks – Growing Deer TV Blog: More from Dr. Grant Woods, as he details his strategy for patterning bucks with trail cams.

Fixed Blade Broadhead Review and Comparisons – Sole Adventure: A really thorough collection of broadhead reviews and comparisons from Sole Adventure. Definitely worth checking out if your in the market for new broadheads!