6,486 feet. 1,977 metres. 1.2 miles. That’s it. That’s how far the above bucks were tonight from my new home property. As some of you know, I just moved about an hour SW into one of the best big buck counties in Michigan. But so far I’ve yet to see a shooter on my farm. That being said, as I drove around tonight with my camera and binoculars I came across a scene that made me immediately more excited for my hunting prospects this fall.

It was the wide racked giant seen in the middle that instantly caught my eye, and when I put the truck in reverse I soon saw that  there were in fact three nice deer to behold. The back left deer is probably a 125″ ten pointer, but it’s dwarfed by the other two. The really wide buck is a giant 12, and the far right buck is a real nice 10 pointer. Needless to say, all great bucks for Michigan. But all that being said, they’re still over a mile away from my property. So why am I excited?

Well think about this. A buck’s “home range” is about 600-2400 acres in size. Since a square mile equals 640 acres, my property being 1.2 miles away very well could still be within these bucks’ home ranges. Without getting into too much detail,  a deer’s home range is essentially where he spends the majority of his time. So point #1 in my mind is that my property is within a possible home range for these three deer. There is hope.

Now, even if these deer never typically come through my property, I’m still feeling alright about my chances of maybe seeing one of them during hunting season. Why, you ask? Because of the rut. During the rut, buck’s can travel many miles in search of hot does and in fact I actually read recently that bucks can travel over a 4,000 acre area in their quest for love.

So while these dandy Michigan bucks aren’t hanging out on my farm currently, there certainly is a chance they might meander this way. Hopefully they’ll step foot onto my farm on a brisk November morning, unbeknownst to the silent sentinel perched above in an oak tree.

Only time will tell. But until then, I’m still excited.