Wired To Hunt Pro-staffer Peter Lynch is one of the lucky few that gets to live and hunt in the great state of Iowa. You might have seen him last year when we featured  his great Iowa late season buck kill on W2H. And this year, he looks to be on just as good of bucks, if not better! Honestly, we can’t wait to see how his season progresses. To keep us held over until fall, all throughout the summer Pete’s been sending us trailcam pictures and it’s incredible the number of bucks he has in the areas he’s hunting. With that being said, it seems he’s begun to develop a potential hit list of bucks and they’re all dandys. Take a look below at a few of the bucks in Pete’s area that we hope to see more of, especially if we can see them on the ground with hands around their antlers!

Hubba Bubba (Take a look at him one month ago)

TENtation (A tempting ten pointer, Pete’s might let this one pass…but he might not haha)

No Brow Ten

Right Hook

Step Child