It’s Friday again and we’re one week closer to hunting season! My first day of archery hunting is now only 35 days away and for some folks that day is coming even sooner! With that in mind, it’s getting to be crunch time. Not only for stand preparation or archery practice, but also for learning. In my opinion you should never stop learning about deer and hunting strategies, but if ever you’re going to cram, now’s the time! So to help you get some great last minute know-how, I’ve listed a few interesting whitetail blog posts from across the web. Enjoy, study up and get ready to hunt!

Hidey-Hole Whitetail Food Plots – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Great article from Dr. Grant Woods on using small food plots for hunting ambushes.

Consider Adrenaline Next Time You Track a Whitetail – Daniel Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Interesting insight into how adrenaline can help a mortally wounded deer travel incredible distances!

What your Butcher Knows: Broadheads for Deer – Deerland: A look at a butcher’s perspective on broadheads for deer and why he recommends shooting fixed blades.

Interview with Josh Clemence, Co-owner of Seemz Technology – Sole Adventure: Great interview with the owner of Seemz Technology, a relatively new player in the scent elimination market. I’ve actually been testing out some Seemz products this year, and so far I like what I see!

Recovering From Food Plot Failures – Whitetail 365: A look at Scott Bestuls plans for making the best of failed food plots.