A guest post from D.F. Worth.

Say Cheese!

Last weekend was all about preparation for the upcoming season.  I met up with my good friend Ryan from Missouri and we headed out to the timber to check trail cameras and set tree stands. The weather gave us a break and stayed under 85 for the majority of Saturday which made setting stands that much easier.  Friday when Ryan got into town, and after we set up my 1987 Coleman pop-up camper, we checked trail cameras, let just say I was really pissed when I found out that only 3 of my 5 cameras worked properly. Oh well “IT” happens.

Note: If you are using more than one brand of trail camera try to use the same SD card in the same camera.  Not sure the real reason but I noticed that some cameras will automatically format SD cards to only accept pictures from the original camera or brand (Reconyx).  I found this out the hard way and missed 3 weeks of pictures in one of my favorite spots.  I was so mad I kicked a tree.

Here’s what I got, nothing too huge, enjoy…

Jackpot – Missed him last year at 22 yards… sun was in my eyes.  Potential shooter.

Megatron – Because of a faulty camera, this is the last picture I have of him. #1 shooter on the property.

Rocky Dennis – Not a shooter but fun to look at.

Only one picture of this buck, never seen him before.  If he is still around October 1st… Shooter!

Eric Roberts – I have pictures of this deer from last year, didn’t do much. He might get an arrow if he makes an appearance.

Barb – This buck made a good jump from last year. There’s something about big 8’s that gets my blood pumping.  Teeter-Totter buck.

Last but not least…

Johnny Utah – “I’m an F.B.I. Agent, you gotta go down!”  One more year.

I can’t wait to see these deer on hoof this season; I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year… queue Black Eyed Peas music.

I Hate Spider Webs:

Every property has a different layout, so what I am about to tell you is based on my experience on the properties that I hunt.  With that said… I love pinch points and travel corridors!  Most people set their stands on food sources or near bedding areas, which is fine, but from my experience I am bumping way more deer going to the starting or finish line of their daily route.

On a quick side note, my favorite part of scouting and finding the next place to hang my stands,  is busting about 400 spider webs with my face.

What I like to do, mostly during pre-rut, is find those pinch points and wait for the cruising bucks to go by.  When a deer has to make a decision to go high or low, or take the left trail or the right trail, I want to be in that spot.  And, that is where I hung my stands this past weekend, way more trimming is required but the activity I see is well worth it.  Shameless Plug:  “and, I could have never done it without my Wicked Hand Saw!”

I will wait for the right wind, find the easiest entry and exit route, and usually sit in the same spot for 2 or 3 sits, if the deer I want doesn’t show… like Jay Z said “I’m on to the next one”.

Until Next Time – Stay Wired!

– D.F. Worth