The countdown continues and the last minute prep is going into over drive! This weekend we’re heading to our Ohio property to do some final scouting, glassing and stand prep, and hopefully we’ll also have some good bucks on trailcam to show off too! So while I’m out sweating my tail off in Southern Ohio, maybe you’d like to take a slightly more relaxing route to preparing for the upcoming season. You can do this by reading through a few of these helpful blog posts linked below, covering some great deer hunting related topics! Have a great weekend guys and gals!

Edge Your Way Into A Trophy Buck – Great article to help you choose stand locations, as the use of edges by bucks is discussed.

Ruling In The Scent-Lok Case Overturned – Deer & Deer Hunting: The ruling against Scent-Lok and claims of false advertising have been over turned by an appeals court. Interesting.

Doing Laundry For Better Deer Hunting – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr Grant Woods discusses how doing his laundry helps his scent control and deer hunting success.

Here’s An Outline On My Techniques – Non-Typical Hunter: Check out Marc Anthony’s full outline of hunting techniques. Everything from how he locates early season bucks, to how he takes good harvest photos.

Best Trail Camera Photos Come From Up High – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: A great trick for taking trail camera pics without spooking big bucks. Here’s a clue, you gotta get high!