He has returned. The Illinois Drop Tine Giant has made another appearance. You may remember last year, while preparing to head to Illinois, my buddy at Oak Tree Outfitters sent over pictures of a crazy wide buck with a big ole drop tine.  You can see him by clicking here. Well now, almost exactly a year later, the big boy is back and badder than ever.

Interestingly, his drop tine switched sides, but otherwise he’s just gotten bigger, added more mass and more splits off his G2. Overall, he’s just a freaking monster. This year we’re thinking he’s probably pushing it as a 200 class animal.

Now all that being said, I’ve been calling this buck a drop tine giant, but we’re thinking it needs a real name. This is the kind of buck that deserves a one of a kind title. So with that in mind, we wanted to get the Wired To Hunt Nation’s help! If you have an idea for a name for this buck, post it in the comments or head to our Facebook page and post your name idea there. Next week, Josh from Oak Tree Outfitters will pick his favorite name and whoever suggested it will win a Wired To Hunt truck decal!

The first couple pics were taken in mid July, but this one is from early August. Looks like he kept putting on inches into this month! What a stud.

For more information about Oak Tree Outfitters, visit their website here. And to see other posts about Oak Tree, including more big buck trailcam pics, my experiences there last year and more, follow the link below.

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