I’ve just returned from a fast and furious trip to Ohio, prepping our new property for the approaching bow season! The last thing we did before heading home this afternoon was pour out a big ole bag of BB2 in front of a trail camera. So with big bucks and BB2 still on the mind, I thought I’d share a pretty cool video I recently ran across from our buddies over at Big & J. The “Power of the Brown Bag” video below features a number of first hand experiences from hunters who have used BB2 to help grow, pattern and hunt big whitetails over the past couple years. I’ve got a sneaky suspicioin that I’ll have my own success story in a month or two, but until then I’ll enjoy checking out these other big brutes that have enjoyed the golden delicious BB2.

Give the video below a gander to see some giant bucks, which always can help make a Monday better, and see a few examples of how a nutritional supplement and attractant can help you have more success as a deer hunter.

For more information on BB2 , visit the Big & J website.