We’re done. Every i is dotted and t crossed. From here it’s only 24 days til I’ll be hunting in Ohio! That being said, it sure took a lot of time and effort to get to this point. After our third trip to our property down in the Buckeye state, our work is completed and we’re ready to rock and roll. Our goal over the weekend was to do some final scouting, put up our last two stands, check our trail cameras and glass some fields for nearby velvet bucks. That being said, although we were able to get through our whole to-do list, we ended up leaving Ohio feeling a little disappointed.

Why is that, you ask? Mostly because of trail cameras. In fact almost entirely because of trail cameras, and specifically trail cameras crashing and burning. When we were down in July, we set up three cameras with BB2 in front of them and high hopes for big bucks. But upon returning in August, we found two of our cameras to be on the fritz! The first camera we came upon was Corey’s Stealthcam, which took 56 pictures in the first week or so after we left, and then did nothing. This was bad enough, but when we saw one of my cameras was dead too, we were crushed. My Bushnell Trophy Cam somehow filled with water, even though it was completely sealed and locked. Needless to say I was upset. In fact, in the past month and a half, this is my third Bushnell Trophy Cam that has mysteriously failed. Obviously I’m a little frustrated.  More to come on the topic of Bushnell Trophy Cams  later. That all being said, the one camera that did work correctly took pictures of about 30,00o doe and a couple year and a half old bucks. The one small piece of good news that we got Saturday night was that the SD card in my water filled camera still worked and had a few decent pictures from before it got waterlogged. On that card we got a pic of one half decent buck that we think is a three year old, 120ish class buck. Although he’s not really what we’re looking for down there, it was at least nice to see something other than yearlings. We figured he was better than nothing. And with that in mind, we’ve dubbed this deer the “Better Than Nothing Buck”! haha

Now all that being said, other than trail camera fails, our trip went great. We were able to get our final two stands up in a couple really nice locations, while also covering a good amount of ground and picking up some quality intel. I feel really good about where we’re set up and how we understand the property. Now we just need to see if the deer will play the parts we want them too! In addition to getting set up well, we also got another positive sign when we caught site of a real nice 150ish inch buck in the beans just down the road. He looks to be a dandy and we’re hoping he’ll take the jaunt to our neck of the woods come November!

All in all it was a great trip, and with this work done we’re in a great position for the Ohio bow season which opens in just under a month. Hopefully we’ll come back to a trail camera full of big buck pictures and maybe even sling an arrow at one come the end of September!