It’s my last minute frenzy of a week. I always like to have my stand and hunting property prep done, at the very latest, one month before the season. But many times I find myself scurrying around during the last week of August trying to cross about a million things off my to-do list. And of course, I find myself in that same situation this year. So over the course of the next 3 days my goal is to finish ALL of my last minute tasks on my home farm. Hang a few more stands, finish planting my food plots, clear lanes, clear access routes and set up trail cameras. Wheww. I’m exhausted just writing it all. But even though it’ll be a lot of work, I’m pretty darn thrilled. I’ll be hunting in a matter of weeks, and that’s a beautiful thing.

But when I’m not actually out in the field working on things, I’ll be reading up on last minute tips, tricks and strategies. So with that in mind, here are a few helpful deer hunting related blog posts from across the web. Enjoy and have a great weekend. And PS, if you’re hunting season has begun already…Good luck!!!

The Well Placed Shot – A great look at the key aspects to executing an accurate and deadly shot in the heat of the moment.

Antler Growth – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods explores the mystery of antler growth and shows us how the “Clover Mountain Crab Claw” buck has progressed over the course of the summer.

Of Big Bucks & Public Hunting Land – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Dan Schmidt discusses the topic of buck home and core ranges, specifically on public land.

The Velvet Gloves Are About To Come Off – Big Buck Zone: Velvet is starting to peel! Thoughts on the arrival of hard horns and a story of two locked Montana bucks.