With just a few more weeks until Michigan’s bow season opens, I know there is one fella itching to hit the treestand even more than usual. That being my buddy Dustin Hotchkin. In addition to being a friend he’ll also be filming his hunts this year for Wired To Hunt, so when I saw Dustin’s most recent batch of trailcam pictures, we both had good reason to be excited.

Between the attraction of soybeans and attractants such Big & J’s BB2, this camera location has been pulling in bucks by the boatload. To the tune of 4 different shooters in just a few days time! Needless to say, Dustin is pumped for the opener and if all goes well, we’ll hopefully have one of these bad boys on film October 1! Stay tuned for some great velvet footage of these bucks too, we’ll be posting that video soon!