With big bucks starting to hit the ground and hunting seasons kicking off across the country, it seemed that now might be a good time to give you one more motivating piece of material to help kick your whitetail hunting juices into full gear. So with that in mind, our friend and master outdoor photographer John Hafner shared a few photos with us that ought to inspire you to new levels of greatness this fall. Can you imagine seeing that tall tined giant peeking out over the brush at you?!

Now when you do finally smoke your own whitetail this year, John has a few words of advice to make sure you preserve those memories for life.

“Big buck down! Time to start shooting photos, right? Wrong. One of the best ways to shoot lousy trophy photos is to reach for your camera immediately after the kill. The excitement of the moment can distract you from your surroundings. You might think you’re shooting award winning photos, but odds are you aren’t. Get the high fiving and celebrating over with, let your adrenaline settle, and when your heart is back in rhythm, pull out your camera” – John Hafner

To see more of John’s work, visit the John Hafner Photography website.