It’s hunting season eve and I can’t hardly concentrate on the tasks ahead of me over the next few hours. 7 more hours and I’ll be on the road to Ohio and on my way to chasing my big buck dreams. It’s been a long year, with last seasons goose egg weighing heavy on my mind. But the time for redemption begins tomorrow and thats an exciting thought. Hopefully many of you will be hitting the woods this weekend as well, but if you’re still waiting til next weekend, have hope! It’s almost here. In the meantime, whether you’re hunting or not, give the blog posts below a good look. We’ve got some great tips, tricks and strategies to share that might make all the difference for you this year. Good luck to everyone hunting this weekend!

How Big Is A Buck’s Core Area – Daniel Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Good insight into how large an area a buck will spend most of its time.

Be Prepared, Stay Mobile – Whitetail 365: Thoughts on ways to adapt on the fly and be mobile in hunting situations.

Whitetail Tips- How Cloud Cover Effects Deer Movement – Big Buck Zone: A in depth look at how certain types of cloud cover can possibly effect deer activity.

When To Harvest Does – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods answers a popular question, when should you shoot does on your property.