Drew Simon of Reality Driven Pursuits took a great buck on opening day of the Missouri bow season, check out his story below and join me in congratulating him! – MK

“After having my truck broken into earlier Thursday morning, I was debating really even going out opening night of bow season. After getting off work early, I decided that there was nothing more relaxing for me than sitting in the tree stand. I left the house at 4 pm and made a quick run to a new piece of property that I had just recently gained permission to hunt. I had never had time during the week to scout so I found a strip of timber in the back of the property surrounded by fields. With very limited trees big enough to put a stand in, I found a pair of walnut trees that had scrapes under them and hung a stand around 4:30. It didn’t take long and I had 3 does feeding around me just out of range. Knowing that there were big deer in the area, I elected to pass and see what might come out as the evening progressed. Around 6:00 I heard a couple of buck sparring and 5 minutes later, there was a 140″ 8 pt standing in the field directly behind and downwind of me. When I had hung my stand earlier, I had taken the time to spray everything down with Dead Downwind to make sure everything was scent free. As this deer approached behind me, I was questioning my tactic of hanging my stand only 12′ off the ground in order to have a few more limbs to break up my outline. The buck walk within 3 yards of my stand and made a scrape on the limb of the tree I was setting in. As the deer finished his first scrape, he walked towards the second scrape, I had to make a steep quartering away shot at 7 yards. The buck only made it 55 yards before crashing in sight of the stand. For not scouting and knowing what was truly in the area, its hard to pass a 140″ deer at 7 yards. This deer truly is a Dead Downwind buck! Without it, I doubt I ever would have killed it.” – Drew Simon

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